Lua Lomi, Soft Tissue Release, Trigger Point Therapy, InterX Therapy

A ShaylaMassage is a comprehensive 'Therapeutic Session' utilizing a broad range of techniques to address your specific needs. With over 2,000 hours of training I have a lot of 'tools' in my 'toolbox' to address a wide variety of needs.

Lua lomi - An ancient Hawaiian healing modality that uses specific breath and strokes to open the body deeply and efficiently. Rooted in spirituality, it addresses the whole person, body mind and soul. Shayla has spent more than a decade studying with a local expert and last holder of this ancient Maui lineage. Lua lomi is based in the unique Hawaiian martial art of Lua warriors. Just like martial arts, this lineage of lomi is specific, powerful and effective.

InterX Therapy - A hand held medical device approved by the FDA for accelerated recovery after surgery, chronic and acute pain relief. Clinical trials have been shown to reduce pain, increase ROM, reduce edema, and improve tissue healing- it is FDA approved and holds the European CE symbol for pain relief.

Shayla decided to invest in this medical device after personally being healed of a chronic painful knee condition that hurt daily for over 8 months. No other therapies were working so she decided to try InterX. Initially she received 6 treatments over 2 weeks time. In two weeks the pain completely subsided. Upon using it again daily and rigorously, minor pain reoccurred requiring 3 more treatments at approximately once a month over the following several months. After 9 treatments over a total of 3 months no pain has reoccurred at all for the following 8 months since (so far at the time of this writing) for a complete and total recovery. She was so impressed with her personal experience she decided to invest in this device and become a trained InterX therapist.

Soft Tissue Release - An 'active release' technique that quickly and effectively releases tight and stressed muscles, even years old. By pinning and stretching the muscle it can release , deep sliding compression (a deep slow approach to 'coach' muscles back into alignment).

Trigger Point Therapy - By Travell and Simons, MDs - Trigger point therapy seeks out the ROOT of pain via remote points that trigger what is called 'referral' pain. Janet Travell, MD discovered an array of 'trigger points' that create pain patterns often quite distal (far away) from the root cause. After years of observation, she published 'maps' of pain patterns that unlock causes of pain previously unknown.