"Truly gifted" "Healing hands" "Immense knowledge" "Consistent results" "Worked like magic" "Still pain free" "A true healer"



“I have had many people give me a massage. Shayla is truly gifted! She has a sense of feel that I have not experienced with other therapists, almost as if she feels the pain as she moves her hands over you to find the exact area. She shared reasons and explanations of hurts that no one has explained. Truly moving and healing experience!" — TraceyiconBooknowCircle

"Talk about Healing Hands!! I came to see Shayla with what I thought was a back problem. Through her immense knowledge and keen perceptions and observations she concluded that my problem was actually a deep, torn abdominal muscle. And, boy, was she spot on!! Her treatments were exactly what I needed to be pain free and to help my healing process. Shayla has the remarkable ability to isolate the problem and then effectively heal it in an incredibly professional and caring manner. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you Shayla; I wish I lived nearer so I could feel your healing touch more frequently!!”—Deb

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“I had been suffering from pretty severe neck and shoulder pain. At the time I finally decided to make an appointment with Shayla, I was in so much pain I could hardly turn my head. Shayla took a good amount of time getting to understand where my tension and strain came from. As she started working on my tight muscles, I immediately began to feel relief. When I left that day, I was much more mobile and it just got better every week. Now I see Shayla usually weekly for my “maintenance” and I’ve come so far that I rarely have any pain in my neck and shoulders. Shayla took away pain that I had just gotten used to and thought I would have to live with forever. Shayla is sweet and compassionate and has become one of my best friends. I’ve recommended her to several of my friends and I always tell them they won’t be sorry with a Shayla Massage!” —Inga

“I have been to several massage therapists over the years and I have never had the results that Shayla has produced and in record time. I have suffered with neck, lower back and carpal tunnel pain for years and I am almost pain free. Shayla takes her therapy to the next level with her caring and compassionate attitude. My husband Ted has never had a massage and I convinced him to give Shayla a try. Ted has suffered with shoulder and hip pain for several years and after only a few treatments he can raise his arms over his head and bend over to pick things up. We cannot imagine life without Shayla, we intend to keep our treatments a major part of our health regime. Much Mahalo, Shayla you are “NO KA OI”!!!” —Susan and Ted


“I met Shayla through a friend because I was having unbearable back pain. Nothing was helping. Shayla listened to my needs tried different massages and exercises on me until my back was better. I would highly recommend her not only for a massage person but she is someone I call a friend. Thank you Shayla for everything!”— James

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“I highly recommend Shayla to anyone looking for pain relief and true results in work on the body's muscles and pain. I used to have chronic back pain for years and within honestly a few sessions I felt like I was 24 again with flexible hips and back and no longer needing about 16 ibuprofen a day to deal with the pain! She used what she calls STR on my back muscles and did one acupressure flow session and I was a new man. Also being about 250lbs with a muscular build, I was simply amazed at her ability to get into the areas that needed help. She didn't just jack hammer in there like I thought I wanted instead, she used compression (I guess) to relax and shut off the muscles and then a couple other things I'm not sure what they were and WOW, I was better. I have had tons of chiropractic and massage sessions in the past, but Shayla made the difference. I fell asleep within 1 minute of my first acupressure treatment/flow, but woke up without the tight, spaghetti like knots in my body gone. I felt like everything was 'set right' again. Thanks Shayla you truly have amazing knowledge, wonderful techniques and I'd have to agree that you have very special healing hands!” — Mark

“I have been receiving massages for over 20 years and I have never experienced the consistent results I get from a Shayla Massage. I thought back pain was a way of life until I started getting her massages regularly. In just a few sessions, I’ve made so much progress that I no longer experience major discomfort in my back. As a bonus, her work on my knees has allowed me to fully bend them, without pain, for the first time in over 2 years. By purchasing one of her discount massage packages, it is affordable for me to get a massage every 2 weeks. I feel the best I’ve felt in years. Thanks Shayla!” — Jade

“After snorkeling, the pain in my shoulder from an old injury was awful, to the point of nearly making me sick. Shayla was giving free massages on Ulua Beach and my wife persuaded me to give it a go. I could hardly believe the relief I felt in less than 15 minutes! Turned out it was a muscle that was causing the pain and the deep tissue massage worked like magic. I immediately made an appointment for two days later, and though the pain had not come back, the massage was wonderful! When we return to Maui, we'll be calling Shayla for sure.” — Dave

“I am a paraplegic, T-3/T-4 level, Shayla's touch/massage had lessened spasticity on my lower extremities, my muscles and nerves felt more relaxed after each massage session. She has a magical touch that revitalizes my mind, body, and spirit. I am highly recommending specially for those who are seeking relaxation and healing. It just feels so relaxing and really darn good.” — Emy


“When visiting Maui I arranged 3 massages by different local therapists. Shayla was far the best and the most reasonable in price. Her focus on my neck pain was the most extensive work I have ever received, even from a chiropractor who I am getting treatment from. Her instruction on continued care of that ailment helps relieve the pressure even today. When I return to Maui, there is only one therapist I would ever need - and that is Shayla.” — Frank

“Massage has become my favorite thing and I have one every other week at home...my best treat. After a 15 minute chair massage on the beach from Shayla, I was aware she was doing a lot more than my therapist...it was exceptional. I went to her studio for more before we left the Island and it's high on my list for when we return. Besides being so well trained, Shayla is perfectly delightful”.— Pat

“Shayla has a wonderful touch and technique, and if you have an injury or are in chronic pain, she is the massage therapist for you. I had an old injury in my rhomboid and scapula area and Shayla was able to relieve most of the pain with in 2 sessions. Amazing really since that was over a year ago and I'm still pain free! Shayla is an amazing massage therapist, with tremendous knowledge of the body and all of its functions. She is also very 'in-tune' with the people she touches, she can figure out what areas are bothering you with out you saying a word!!! Absolutely AMAZING! — Kacey

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“Shayla's massage was my first one ever and now I am hooked! It was over an hour of complete bliss! I am a very active person, and her work was able to help with minor injuries and pain I was experiencing during my activities. She also personalized my session and showed me techniques I could use on my own that have proved remarkable! My experience with Shayla was a little piece of heaven.” — Stef

“I came to see Shayla for a frozen shoulder problem. She worked each one of my muscles so thoroughly like no one else before ever did! For the first time I became aware of the different muscle groups in my shoulder area. Shayla is a Master Healer- I feel better every time I leave her office.” — Tahira

“To receive a Shayla massage is to take a step forward towards a more balanced and heathlier lifestyle. Her extensive knowledge of the human body, including the meridian points, has helped me recover from running injuries. She also showed me ways in which to utilize her techniques myself. I have had massages elsewhere, but a Shayla massage will leave you feeling relaxed and invigorated!” — Allison

“Shayla's healing hands & healing heart helped to sooth and restore an injury that has plagued my body for many years. As a yoga instructor and yoga practitioner l was able to deepen my asanas with our weekly visits. Many of my students benefited from Shayla's style of massage, which is unlike any I've experience before. Shayla's multifaceted knowledge of the healing arts will allow you to reconnect with your body & mind in many ways. Shayla is a true healer in every sense of the word.” — Jeanette

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“I AM SHAYLA'S #1 FAN!! I believe there are no coincidences, and one day leaving the gym, there she was..Shayla. I had a shoulder in bad shape and like an angel; there she stood with a massage chair. She asked if I would like a free 3 minute chair massage, and if I had any problem areas. I mentioned my shoulder, and with her 3 minutes, I REALLY felt better!! She did a stretch and release motion, and really got in there, I was HOOKED! I believe in healing massage, and not so much of the "frou-frou" massage. Over the course of 2 years, she incorporated several different massage & healing styles..she listened to my body. I would always joke with her and tell her to put a bucket under my face to catch the drool! Although I'm happy for her to live her dream and move to Paradise, I miss her terribly. What I wouldn't give now for a "Shayla Massage!" — Dawna

“Shayla's hands are healing hands. When I started seeing Shayla, she really got to know me before the massage began which led to a greater benefit to me as her healing hands massaged what she knew I needed. She has the “touch” to heal. After seeing Shayla for a period of time, I realized my body was staying more in balance longer. As our relationship built, we were able to train my muscles and structure to sustain health, proper structure and an immediate response whenever Shayla's healing hands massaged my body. I would recommend Shayla to everyone. Not only has she maintained my health, but also that of my husband and two children. She has a golden touch of “knowing” what is needed. She is the best!” — Anne

“Shayla took the time for a thorough assessment of my needs and then approached the message in a very holistic, yet individualized way. She seemed to read my body with her hands and give just the right amount of skillful attention to each muscle group. The tension in my back and neck dissolved during the massage. I felt not only relaxed butdeeply rejuvenated, my body felt more balanced, more aligned. I've experienced a lot of body work, and so can say from experience that a Shayla massage is truly exceptional! When you visit Maui, find Shayla!” — Leigh

“Shayla provides a very therapeutic and professional massage. It helped relieve the pain I had in my back and sciatic nerve, I would recommend her services to anyone.” — Chip

“A fellow raquetball player mentioned to me that she had been suffering with carpal tunnel pain in her wrist and forearm for years. She was looking into surgery since she could not make it through the day or night without significant pain. It was curtailing her athletic lifestyle and her occupation as a computer programmer. She described the pain as an 8 on a scale of 1-10 and wore a nightly brace. After only two 20 minute visits using STR techniques and training her in daily exercises taking about 3 minutes to complete, she described her pain as lowered to a 3 and no longer needed to wear a brace at night. Now, months later, she admits she does not always do her daily exercises, but if she overworks that wrist, she will do them and the pain will subside.” — Patty