Shayla Massage Gift Certificates

Signature Shayla Massage

Experience a Signature ‘ShaylaMassage’, rooted in 30 years of bodywork experience. Rhythmic strokes open the body gradually into the deepest layers of tissue through gentle to deep friction without painful burdening of downward pressure.

LOMI ‘ILI ‘ILI Hot Stone Massage

Stones are used actively as an implement in the hand - not passively laid upon the body. Old Native American roots mix with old Hawaiian Lua Lomi strokes, making a hot rock session with Shayla an exotic departure from traditional hot rock placement.

Pain Therapy : InterX / SCENAR

InterX, a powerful FDA approved and clinically-proven hand held SCENAR device provides a professional, non-invasive, drug free solution for pain management. Therapy offers acute and chronic pain relief resulting in increase in range of motion and accelerated tissue repair. Developed by the space program and long time 'secret weapon' of the NFL and Olympiads.