Pain Therapy : InterX / SCENAR


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InterX, a powerful FDA approved and clinically-proven hand held SCENAR device provides a professional, non-invasive, drug free solution for pain management. Therapy offers acute and chronic pain relief resulting in increase in range of motion and accelerated tissue repair. Developed by the space program and long time 'secret weapon' of the NFL and Olympiads.

SCENAR is an acronym for Self Controlled Energo-neuro Adaptive Regulator. SC – Self-Controlled The SCENAR device establishes a biofeedback link with the body when in use, constantly changing the properties of the applied electric impulses, in response to the measured reaction from the body.

~ Neuropathic pain (pain from damaged nerve cells) and nociceptive pain
    (pain arising from the stimulation of nerve cells)
~ Reducing rehabilitation times from surgery, sports injuries and other acute
~ Great for joint pain recovery, sports injuries, post-surgical pain, chronic
    musculoskeletal conditions and chronic neuropathic pain! (less)